Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Daze

How is everyone out there coping with being cooped up? My hub takes the big beast truck and heads out to work every day, and I am left here with our pitiful little oldsmobile. My subdivision roads are a mess, and I can not find my snow boots. It's been so long since there was any measurable snow in the Richmond area, they have simply disappeared! A friend of mine always looks in my pantry and comments about how long she thinks we could live out of it. That would be an interesting experiment, but I bet we'd get tired of pasta with tomato type sauces, and rice/soup combos before we ever ran out of food! I cooked pretty heavy all weekend, barbequed chicken and a London Broil, so I decided to cook light last night. It turned out well, and it was really lite and easy, so I thought I'd share. This is a super easy to prepare, quick meal. Easy on the pocketbook too. I always watch the ads and check the sale bin, especially at Kroger, for chicken tenders. Chicken Caesar Wraps 1 lb. chicken breast 1 tsp. olive oil 1 T. fat free Italian dressing 1/4 c. fresh grated Parmesan cheese 12 grape tomatoes, halved 8 sliced mushrooms 2 -3 sliced green onions low fat (Lite) Caesar dressing (we like Ken's) Several cups of chopped romaine lettuce Flat Out Italian Herb flatbread I had chicken tenders in my freezer, so that's what I used, but any kind of chicken breast would work. I simply sauteed them in the olive oil and Italian dressing, pulling them apart as they cooked to make bite sized pieces. Be careful not to overcook your chicken, or it will be chewy. Mine took only about 6 minutes to be cooked through. (You could cut it into bite sized pieces before you saute it, but I am lazy and that would dirty another cutting board!) To assemble the wraps, let the chicken cool a little. Lay out a wrap, and spread 2 tsp. of the dressing on it (a thin layer, not gloppy). Starting with the short side nearest you, begin to layer your ingredients. Add a handful of lettuce, keeping everything close to you, and a section at the other end of the flatbread "clear" except for a little dressing. Add on your selection of the veggies and about 6 pieces of the chicken. Sprinkle on a little Parmesan. I always use good Parmesan for this, since you use such a little bit, it's nice to get a lot of flavor. Then top with a little more of the dressing (about 1/2 tsp.) Roll your wrap up, starting with the short side, tucking the filling as you roll. Press down slightly as you do this, and it will kind of stick together from the dressing you put on the bottom. Cut it in half, it's easier to eat. Now, the nice thing about this meal for a family, is that you can lay the ingredients out on the counter and let everyone customize their own meal. The wraps have a good amount of fiber in them, and the chicken is very low fat, so the foundation of the meal is very healthy. (If it seems like I've given a lot of instructions for an easy to prepare meal, keep in mind that I try to write so that everyone can easily make this dish, even those who don't cook often.) Be careful not to overstuff the wraps, or they won't roll! We made 3 big, grown up sized wraps last night and I've got enough chicken and fixings left for at least 2 more big ones. So, I would say this will feed at least 4 grownups, or 2 adults and 3 kids. Serve it with a can of tomato soup, or some home fries if you've got a hungry group.

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