Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lunch on the run, and on a budget, too!

Even though I don't work full time -- and barely even work part time right now-- sometimes lunch is a little something of a time crunch for me. I want to try and stay on track, eating something healthy, but tasty too. Several years ago, I discovered "Amy's Organic" spinach pockets. They are sort of like spanikopita (greek style spinach) in a hot pocket that you heat in a microwave. They are inexpensive -- under $3 in most grocery stores, and, as the name says, they are all natural and organic. The company makes lots of other frozen goodies, and the ones I have tried have been good. The spinach feta pocket fits my lunch time requirements -- only 260 calories, 9 grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber -- and I really like it. Heat a little soup to go along with it, and you have a tasty, satisfying and healthy lunch. And, it's a lot cheaper than eating out or even grabbing take-out fast food! Don't like spinach? Try the pizza flavored pockets, but watch out if you buy the pizzas. They are very good, but they are made for several servings, so make sure you've got a friend! I learned that the hard way, by not reading the label carefully until after I had polished off most of one! Label reading, another essential skill for healthy living!

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The Cook said...

uhhh! We are moving Friday, and I have eaten fast food way to much as the kitchen has been broken down. It just makes you feel all sluggish, and gross- plus it is actually getting expensive!