Saturday, January 4, 2014

What I've Been Drinking: Apothic Red

We love red wine at our house, and we are mostly Cabernet Sauvignon fans. I have a great little, part time job, as a wine demonstrator. I work for a wine distributor, going around to different grocery stores, and sharing wine with the customers. The shifts are short -- only 3 hours -- and it's usually lots of fun, standing around talking wine, food, pairings and life with people. Although I've always loved wine, having this job has really helped me to expand my palate. In keeping with that idea, the expanding your palate one, I'd like to talk about Apothic Red Wine.
Apothic Red Wine

Apothic Red, as the name implies, is a blended California red wine. Your first impression upon pouring it is the deep, ruby red color. This is a pretty wine. Upon first taste, you will taste rich, ripe fruits, cherries and jam. It is fruity and just a little spicy, with a hint of chocolate at the end. It's not sweet, but just a little off dry. Is this a contender for great wines of 2014? No, it's not, but it is enjoyable to drink, especially as an after dinner sipper. That little touch of chocolate or cocoa right at the end, really gives it something special. And since it's a blend, and not a vintage, it is a very reliable wine -- that is, it is very consistent in it's taste. This is a lovely wine to present to your sweetie for Valentine's Day. The deep rich color is seductive and the hint of chocolate is very appropriate for the holiday! As well, it's very reasonably priced, around $12 - $13 at local grocery stores in Central VA and I found it for only $8.59 at my big box retailer! Just had to take it home for that price. There's nothing like finding a decent wine for under $9!!

You can read more about Apothic Red here at their website. They also make a white, of which I am not a fan (too too sweet for me) and a Dark, which I've not had a chance to taste. However, the red is a winner!

Try it, and open your mind. Don't try and drink it like a cabernet sauvignon, with a big red meat meal, just take a taste after dinner. I bet you'll enjoy it.

Here's a link about a wine tasting class I recently took online, and reviews about 2 other wines.


Jayemarie said...

Thanks for presenting your review of what sounds like a friendly red wine. As someone who prefers Chardonnay, I have had a hard time finding a red that agrees with me. This sounds like it just might be the ticket! I'll keep you posted...

Midlo Mom said...

Thanks, J, you might like this one!