Thursday, March 24, 2011

Strawberry Time!

Fresh strawberries, red and ripe

Look what I found in the market today....fresh, Florida strawberries, and they smell and taste like STRAWBERRIES! A sure sign spring is here (I told you it was coming!) ...
Check back in a few days for a tribute to National Grill Cheese month!


Keri said...

Hello Midlo Mom.. and thank you so much for the comment re: Liz Taylor on my blog. I was so happy to see that you too are a fan of good movies. You mentioned Raintree County and Monty C.'s accident.. Yes, it's very evident (to me)which scenes were shot before and after his accident. That is when he began to drink a lot and toward the end of the film, he looked like hell.

Did you get wind that Elizabeth Taylor arranged to be 15 minutes late for her own funeral yesterday? LOL. What a fantasticly rich sense of humor!

Anyway, then you mentioned GIANT! Which I watched about two months ago from beginning to end. I'd seen parts of it before and was soo glad I took the whole thing in. It was great! THEN you mentioned one of my all time favorites Father of the Bride, when Liz was so stunningly beautiful... of course Spenser Tracy is another one of my all time favorite actors..

I'm a huge vintage Hollywood buff and get stupid excited when I meet anyone who seems to share my love for the old movies. TCM ROCKS!!

Thanks again. Nice to see you, Keri

Keri said...

Mmmmm. I'm coming back to see your take on National Grilled Cheese ... have you ever been to my sandwich blog?

See you next month.


Beth said...

I follow your sandwich blog --that's where I got my idea to blog about National Grill Cheese month! Thanks for the inspiration! I love old movies too, and you are right, TCM rules!