Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's For Dinner, Mom? part deux

What's for dinner, Mom? The dreaded afternoon question, heard round the world as the evening rolls in...As the mom of boys, it's the question that always hangs in the air, swirling around, ready to explode if there is no answer or an unsatisfactory one.

I've got an answer tonight...London Broil is on sale at Ukrops, $2.98/lb. London broil is a nice lean cut of meat that can lend itself to many dishes. Our favorite way is to marinate it and then grill it, nice and rare. You let it rest for a few minutes -- at least 5 -- and slice it thinly across the grain, like you do flank, flat iron or skirt steak.

Basic Beef Marinade

1/2 c. Wishbone Fat Free Italian dressing

1 tsp. Adolph's meat tenderizer (no msg type)

2 T. soy sauce
freshly ground black pepper

Put this into a large zip lock storage style bag along with your London Broil. Let it sit in the refrigerator at least 2 hours, or as long as overnight.

Be careful not to overcook the meat. The meat is medium rare when it "feels" like the fat pad at the base of your thumb. If it feels firmer, it's more well done, softer, it is rarer. I always think it's better to slightly undercook it, than to overcook it. You can always cook it a little more plus it does cook a little after it comes off the grill while it sits to recollect it's juices. Chefs and food TV types say to "Let the meat rest".


Cat said...

Nice photo, sister!

The Cook said...

Yay to pictures! How many did you have to take in order to get such a nice one?